Perennial Agriculture Project

The Perennial Agriculture project is intended to be a compilation of valuable, up to date resources related to perennial crops being grown in the county and surrounding areas. We hope that having this information in one place will make the process of deciding whether or not to grow any of these crops an easier, more concise process. 



There are many types of nuts grown in Portage County as marketable commodities, the main species being chestnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans. Check out the full list of species along with detailed information on each by clicking the button below. 


Tree Fruits

Most of us think of apples when we think of tree crops in Ohio, but there are many other tree fruits that we can successfully grow here! Click the button below to find out more. 


Berries, Vines and more

This section is dedicated to the more specialty crops. Specialty crops like elderberries, aronia's, Christmas trees, hops, and cut flowers fall into this category!