The 2019 Big Tree Species will be Fagus grandifolia, American Beech. The American Beech is a native tree that has a strong presence. Its large looming stature, glossy green leaves, and smooth grey bark that can be all-too-often recognized by the initials carved into it are key characteristics. It is an integral component of Beech-Maple Forest ecosystems, one of the most prominent NE Ohio native forest communities.  This tree has seen quite a lot of media attention lately due to a new affliction called Beech Leaf Disease (BLD). The disease was discovered in Lake County, Ohio in 2012 and is spreading rapidly throughout the northeast. The disease can now be found in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Canada. The means of its spread is still unknown, as is any effective method of treatment or prevention. Considering this, we are hoping to catalog our biggest Beech Trees in the county this coming year, so spread the word!

Nominations will be accepted through Friday May 31st, 2019. Winners will receive a plaque and a $25.00 Gift Certificate to use towards our tree sale. To nominate an American Beech click the button below.