Saturday March 23rd, 1 - 3pm, Portage SWCD Meeting Room, 6970 State Rt 88, Ravenna

The Ohio Nut Growers Association & Portage SWCD welcome John Kelsey of Kelsey Farm, Southside, WV. 

If you are looking for expert advice on cultivar selection, site prep, plant care and maintenance relating to growing hazelnuts, then please join us at this program. John’s several years of cultivar research have resulted in hazelnut variety recommendations that are more pertinent to Ohio’s growing conditions than the info that is currently available from the east and west coast universities. In conjunction with this event, the 2019 ONGA membership drive nut trees are the hazelnut cultivars ’Sacajawea’ and ’York’ which were recommended by Mr. Kelsey.  This compatible pair of hazelnuts is available for purchase through the Portage SWCD 2019 plant sale

Read more about Mr. Kelsey and his work HERE.