Plastics in Your Water

Portage SWCD, Kent Environmental Council and the Portage County Health Department are working on an educational campaign for 2019 and beyond that aims to reduce single-use plastic in our county.  Plastic pollution in the Great Lakes is prevalent, and is being recognized as a detriment to public health.  More than 13 million people (over 3 million Ohioans) get their drinking water from Lake Erie.  With better choices and possibly a little inconvenience, we can greatly reduce the plastic entering our Great Lakes and other Ohio streams and rivers.  Our presenter will be Dr. Sherri  Mason, 2018 Heinz Award recipient for her work identifying plastic microbeads and microfibers in the Great Lakes and the resulting policy changes that banned the inclusion of microbeads in cosmetic products and cleaners.  We are also working with local schools and youth organizations and will hopefully have their participation in our May workshop.  Contact Lynn for more info.