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2018 White Amur Fish Sale

  • Randolph Fairgrounds 4215 Fairgrounds Rd, Randolph, OH 44265 USA (map)

White Amurs are sterile, plant-eating fish used to control submerged aquatic vegetation such as pondweeds, coontail, and milfoil. They do not prefer to eat algae and are not a good control option for floating weeds such as duckweed. 

Use THIS FORM to place your prepaid order by Friday, September 21, 2018. 

Pick up: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 10:00 am - sharp!

Randolph Fairgrounds  (4215 Fairgrounds Rd, Randolph 44265)

  •  Bring a covered container, lined with a plastic bag, and recently filled with your own pond water and take care not to puncture the bag (one 5-gallon bucket per 2-3 Amur).
  •  Stock 5-10 amurs per acre, depending on weed  problem
  •  Arrive promptly—the fish truck will be there a short time
  •  Please mark pick up dates and location on your calendar.
  •  NO reminders will be sent.
  • Contact the office at 330-235-6815 with questions.