Tree Sale

The Portage SWCD Tree Sale is a beloved tradition in the county. The sale provides an opportunity for Northeast Ohio landowners to purchase native plants at wholesale prices. Native plants are the foundation of the ecosystem that supports us: they help to clean our air, filter our water and keep our soil in place. Native plants even increase the pollination services of bees within a given area! Adding native plants to your landscape is an easy way to promote the conservation of our natural resources for future generations. Please consider supporting our conservation efforts by selecting a few plants for your yard.


*The extended fruit sale options are connected to our upcoming “Growing Small Fruits” program in March. It includes exciting plants such as goji berries, honeyberries, lingonberries and more. The plants are available for anyone to order, whether you attend the workshop or not.

Important Information & Dates

  • Pre-order deadline: Friday, April 5th, 2019

  • Pick up dates/time: April 17-19, 2019 (Wednesday - Friday) 9:00am-6:00pm

  • Orders must be picked up on the scheduled pick up dates, otherwise refunds will not be guaranteed

  • Please mark pick-up dates on your calendar, reminders will not be sent out

  • Packets are reserved on a first come first serve basis - Order early if at all possible, we order from nurseries in the fall, so we may "sell out" of popular species

  • Please enclose completed order form and check made payable to Portage SWCD

  • Please note the number of trees per packet- packets cannot be split

  • Due to varied weather and digging conditions, we cannot guarantee availability of all listed plants.


Fish Sale

Our spring and fall fish sales provides a convenient opportunity for landowners to improve their pond stock with a variety of fish including large mouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, amur carp etc.  Please bring a covered container lined with a plastic bag that has been recently filled with water from your pond to pick up your fish.


Important Information & Dates

Spring Fish Sale

  • Pre-order deadline: Friday April 19, 2019

  • Pick up date/time: Tuesday April 23, 2019, 10:00a.m. sharp!

  • Place: Randolph Fair Grounds - 4215 Fairgrounds Road, Randolph 44265

  • Important Information:

    • Bring a covered container, lined with a plastic bag, and recently filled with your own pond water. Take care not to puncture the bag.


Cover Crop Seed Blend for Home Gardens

When late summer arrives you may be ready to rest, but your soil is not! All gardens benefit from the use of cover crops, or “green manures” planted at the end of the season. Tilling, weeding, harvesting, and foot traffic tends to destroy soil structure. Planting cover crops is an easy way to revitalize the soil. Garden cover crop mixes help to reduce erosion and compaction, and increase water infiltration in soil. Cover crops help retain minerals normally leached from your soil over the winter. Densely planted cover crops will suppress perennial and winter annual weed growth. The top growth and roots add organic matter to the garden soil. The cover crop’s root system also opens    passageways that help improve air and water movement and supports microbial life. This microbial life works synergistically with the roots, bacteria and fungi to improve soil health.  Reducing soil erosion and nutrient leaching also improves the water quality within your watershed.  Planting a winter-kill seed mix is an excellent way to get acquainted with cover crops. 

To buy your cover crop seeds, look no further than our office for your cover crop seeds! Portage SWCD has partnered with Walnut Creek Seeds to offer a fall cover crop seed mix that is well suited to Northeast Ohio. 



Important Information and Dates

Seeds are available for sale at our office while supplies last. For best results, the fall cover mix should be inter-planted with your fall crops between August 15th and September 15th. 

This 6-seed blend is available in 5lb bags for $18.00 or 10lb bags for $28.00. There is 200-300 square feet of coverage per pound of seed.


  • Check back this summer for our 2019 Cover Crop Seed order form.