Staff & Board

The Board is the governing body of the Portage SWCD. It is made up of five local volunteer community members that serve staggered, three year terms. Our District staff is made up by a District Cordinator, Storm Water Engineer, Stormwater Educator, a District Education Technician, and a Program Assistant. The NRCS members of the office include a District conservationist, a Resource Conservationist, a Civil Engineering Technician, and an ACES employee. . 

Meet your local SWCD officials! 

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The Board

Featured from left to right: Fred Rodenbucher- Secretary, Beth Padisak- Fiscal Agent, Zach Alger-Board Chairman, Kenneth Rufener- Vice-President,  and Tony Heppe - Treasurer. 

Staff Members


Soil & Water Conservation District Staff

James Bierlair: District Coordinator

Eric Long: Storm Water Engineer

Lynn Vogel: Storm Water Educator

Taylor Hillyer: District Education Technician

Marybeth Willett: Program Assistant 

USDA: Natural Resources Conservation Services Staff

Kara MacDowell: District Conservationist

Dee Waters: Resource Conservationist

Troy Smith: Civil Engineering Technician

Ed Moon: ACES Employee